Family Law 

1)  In a highly contested family trial dispute, involving a 3rd party (mother-in-law), our client was successful in recovering a multi-million dollar real business property which was temporarily transferred to a third party - after a second grant deed was lost.  The court determined that the third party must return the business property and make a full accounting of all monies received in rental income, in addition to, not receiving a financial benefit of the property while she held it for our client and his wife.  Marriage of Feldman, OCSC Case Number:  15D 006446.

Civil - Defamation  

​2)  In defamation civil lawsuit, we successfully obtained a dismissal, with prejudice, for our client as a key defendant in this matter, previously.   However, plaintiffs then added a "new" second plaintiff and again sued our client.  After significant law and motion, the court granted our request as the second plaintiff did not seek leave of court to add a new defendant, nor did they cure a prior flaw in their original complaint.  CH Bus Sales v. ABC Bus Companies, et. al., LASC Case Number  30-2016-00873767-CU-DF-CJC  

Child Abduction

3)  In a child abduction matter involving a Hague Petition, our office obtained sole physical and sole legal custody of a minor child who had been taken from California to a foreign country in 2016.  After extensive law and motion in the Superior Court, County of Orange and assisting our client's foreign legal counsel, the child was finally returned to California, after 3 years. (Confidential Case Name and Number)​  

Restraining Order - Defense

4)   A male client received a temporary restraining order in which the mother claimed he attacked and injured her during a child transfer at his home.  Mr. Buscemi was successful in demonstrating that the attack could not have occurred the way mother described and further proved a lack of corroborating evidence of any claimed injury.  The court dismissed the request for a permanent restraining order and our client was able to resume his regular visitation and custody with his child.  (Confidential Case Name and Number)  

Probate - Wills and Estates

5)  In a hotly contested probate matter, Mr. Buscemi was able to secure a very favorable settlement where our client had been "dis-inherited" from the bulk of his late mother's multi-million dollar estate.  Our office investigated and determined that an amendment to, one of several, amendments had been prepared by an unlicensed attorney and not in keeping with the deceased's wishes.  There were also claims of duress and undue influence which caused the deceased to (essentially) disinherit our client.  (Confidential Case Name and Number) 

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